Technology & Innovation Alumni Series: Where Are They Now? Maya Eggert

Maya sits next to her computer

We are excited to share a new series highlighting former T&I student technology consultants.

Students play an integral part of our team and we often wonder where their journey takes them after Davidson.

We kick off our alumni series with Maya Eggert, Class of 2019. Maya completed her studies at Davidson College with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Anthropology. Maya joined the team as part of the Summer Squad, a full time summer employment opportunity within T&I. As the summer came to an end, she continued her employment as a student tech until graduation.

So what’s Maya doing now?

Maya is the Data Management Fellow at Davidson College, in the Technology & Innovation department. In this role, Maya is developing skills in Power BI, Microsoft SQL server and SnapLogic applications. With support from colleague Pete Benbow, Maya is currently working on creating Power BI dashboards for College Relations, Center for Teaching and Learning and T&I. In addition, she is using her analytics skills to research data related to password resets, athletics promotions and Zoom Pro.

Tell us about your student employment experience with T&I.

Working at T&I was a great experience that taught me many skills. I was surprised with how much student workers interact with staff and faculty outside of T&I. Having the ability to communicate with people in different positions is a valuable skill. Supporting users was rewarding, and it was nice to see my team's work help the college community.

How have you applied these skills in your new role?

The communication skills I learned in my student role with T&I have helped me in my new role. As a student tech, part of my job was to communicate information to end users through our Zendesk ticketing system, by phone or in person. I now use these same skills when participating in meetings as well as updating colleagues on current requests and projects.

What would you like to share with other students seeking campus employment?

The time I spent with T&I was definitely worth it. The work was fun, rewarding, and educational, and I am thankful for all the opportunities it has given me.


  • November 22, 2019


  • Technology & Innovation