Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Chemistry at Davidson College

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The Department of Chemistry at Davidson College seeks to hire a tenure-track faculty member at the Assistant Professor level beginning July 1, 2021 in the area of polymer chemistry and/or materials science. 

As a department and a college, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we especially welcome candidates that have benefited from, contributed to, or created programs directed toward diversity and inclusion. Current members of our department have engaged in such programs as Posse mentors, participants in the Fostering Inclusivity and Respect in Science Together (FIRST) grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and mentors to students from HBCUs through the Davidson Research Initiative.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Chemistry or a related field before the start of the appointment. Successful candidates will have interest in teaching introductory chemistry, courses in two or more areas at the foundational level, and (advanced) courses in their area of specialization.

We are also interested in candidates whose teaching interests include courses outside the major or department, such as courses with a justice, equality and community component, courses in first year writing, courses with a data science or digital studies focus, or science courses for students who are not pursuing STEM majors.

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their preparation and interest for teaching and establishing a research program at an undergraduate institution.

Information regarding what must be submitted with your application is detailed in the How To Apply section below.

Facilities & Instrumentation

The department is housed in an interdisciplinary science building (the E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center, completed in 2017) along with our colleagues in biology, environmental science, and psychology. This building provides unique and innovative opportunities in chemistry and biochemistry at Davidson and is specifically designed for collaboration among disciplines.

Davidson classrooms and labs are outfitted with a full battery of audio/visual capabilities and almost all the teaching spaces have easily movable furniture to accommodate a wide range of teaching pedagogies. Faculty have access to a variety of software packages that can enhance teaching and research mandates.

All department offices and research labs are in close proximity to the spaces where students learn, study, compute, perform research and socialize every day. Learn more about the building features and instrumentation.

The Davidson/Lake Norman/Charlotte Area  

Davidson College is located in the town of Davidson, North Carolina, about 20 minutes north of the city of Charlotte. Faculty can choose whether to live near the rich amenities of a major metropolitan area, within the vibrant campus community and small town living of Davidson (supported by the college’s rental and Land Lease home ownership program), or in a more rural setting just a few miles away from the college. Learn more about the Lake Norman Area.

How To Apply

Davidson College collects all faculty job applications electronically. Email and paper applications will not be considered. The portal where you will submit your application can be found at http://employment.davidson.edu. Preference will be given to applications received by October 20. The following materials must be submitted with your application:

A Cover Letter

Please address the letter to Professor Cindy Hauser, Search Committee Chair. Your cover letter should be no more than two pages and include: 

  1. A description of your specific interest in an appointment as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Davidson College.
  2. A short summary of how your training and/or professional experiences align with developing a training program that will involve undergraduates in polymers and/or materials chemistry research.
  3. Your commitment to teaching introductory chemistry courses including general chemistry.
  4. A short description of two additional foundational courses you would like to teach in our current curriculum in addition to general chemistry.
  5. A short description of an advanced level course you would like to teach that would cover concepts in polymers and/or materials chemistry.
  6. A short paragraph highlighting your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM.

A Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should be no more than five pages and include: 

  1. Training beyond high school.
  2. Teaching and training appointments (if any).
  3. A complete list publications clearly delineating work from undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral or other professional work with your contributions highlighted (e.g. underline your name in the author list and note when joint authorship is indicated).
  4. A list of service work (if any).
  5. A list of awards or other citations related to teaching, research or service (if any). 
  6. Additional information may be included up to the page limit. 

Bachelors and Graduate Transcripts

These can be “unofficial” transcripts that you upload within the online application system. Official transcripts will be required later.

A Statement on Your Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion  

This statement should describe the following. 

  1. How the applicant has benefited from, learned from, contributed to, and/or created programs that fostered a community in line with Davidson’s institutional commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  
  2. How you envision fostering these ideals in your teaching, your research, and your service including providing a specific example for each category, which may include a past example of practice or an example you would plan to implement in your work as an Assistant Professor. 

Please refer to Davidson’s institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) that provides services, programming and community-building opportunities for students. Also please see the report of the College’s Commission on Race and Slavery and initial actions toward equity and racial justice.

A Statement of Teaching Experience and Philosophy  

The purpose of the teaching statement is to describe the following information: 

  1. Prior teaching experiences that you have had, and how your past experiences will inform your future teaching practices. 
  2. Your teaching philosophy that will guide your teaching practices.
  3. How you will foster an inclusive academic community in your classes.
  4. What specific courses in our current curriculum you would be prepared to and excited to teach.  Flexibility in teaching is expected, and we are looking for candidates that would like to teach general chemistry and two or more of the following foundational (200 level) courses: Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry.
  5. One or two new courses in your area of experience you would be excited to design.
  6. Whether your teaching interests might include courses outside of our major. For example, writing courses, humanities, courses with a data science or digital focus, or environmental studies and/or if you have interests in teaching courses for students who are not pursuing STEM majors. 

It will help if you are familiar with the Chemistry curriculum at Davidson College

It will also help for you to familiarize yourself with the Chemistry Major at Davidson College

Our major is designed to introduce students to the five foundational areas (analytical, biological, inorganic, organic and physical) early in their college careers and to maximize flexibility for scheduling and study abroad opportunities.  In previous years, 25-40% of the junior class has gone abroad for a semester. This design has also allowed us to incorporate tracks within the major, including a track with an emphasis in biochemistry.

Flexibility in teaching is an expectation for this position. Faculty are expected to teach introductory chemistry, courses in multiple areas at the foundational level (organic, inorganic, physical, biochem, analytical), and (advanced) courses in their area of specialization. We are also interested in whether your teaching interests might include courses outside of our major, for example, writing courses, humanities, courses with a data science or digital focus, environmental studies.... and if you have interests in teaching courses for students who are not pursuing STEM majors. 

A Statement of Your Research Plans

The purpose of the research statement is to describe the following:  

  1. Your research plans in the area of polymers and/or materials (including specific information about the initial research aims that your group will target).  Your application will be reviewed by chemists and non-chemists, so please include a general overview in addition to specific details.
  2. How your proposed research direction and specific aims are independent from research goals that were part of your prior training or professional experience.
  3. How you will include undergraduate students in your research, including specific plans or philosophies surrounding the mentorship of undergraduate students without prior research experience. 
  4. The major equipment and instrumentation that your research will require, and what major equipment you will need that is not already available at Davidson College. Please see this equipment list.

The Interview Process

Qualified applicants should apply online.  

At Davidson College, we believe the college grows stronger by recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff committed to building an inclusive community. In order to achieve and sustain educational excellence, we seek to hire talented faculty and staff across the intersections of diverse races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, political perspectives, abilities, cultures, and national origins.

The search committee is composed of all tenure-track and tenured faculty members in Chemistry, as well as one external voting member from another department (as required for all search committees at Davidson), and is advised by an equity advisor who attends all meetings.


  • September 14, 2020


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