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Davidson Hosts Bonner Foundation 25th Annual Summer Leadership Institute

Corella Bonner
Corella Bonner greets a student.

Davidson College this week hosted the 25th annual Summer Leadership Institute of the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation.

Founded in 1990 and based in Princeton, N.J., the Bonner Foundation partners with 60 colleges and congregations across the country in its mission to help people meet their basic needs of nutrition and educational opportunity. The Bonner Program achieves that goal through a scholarships program that helps about 3,000 low-income, under-represented, and first generation students attend college. Bonner Scholars then further the foundation's mission through their engagement in their communities.

Instituted here in 1991, Davidson's Bonner Scholars program was among the first in the nation. The program enrolls a new class of 20 incoming students into the program each year, for a total of 80 always on campus. Their scholarships have a monetary value of $17,500 per year, and in return scholarship holders complete 280 hours of community service annually, as well as participating in skill building lessons and class meetings. They also complete two summers of service, and a cornerstone project.

The 25th Summer Leadership Institute at Davidson attracted more than 400 participants, including foundation leaders, college and university presidents, students, faculty, staff, alumni and national partners of the foundation.

The institute featured three days of workshops and panel discussions on issues such as social justice, community partnerships, student development and leadership, campus-wide culture and infrastructure for civic engagement, and faculty involvement and academic community engagement.

For questions or for more information about the conference, contact Kristin Booher at 704-894-2298.