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The Information Age and the Flipped Chemistry Classroom

Prof. Durwin-Striplin The Flipped Chemistry Room
Professor Durwin Striplin teaches courses in analytical and physical chemistry.

The great musician, Duke Ellington, once played a song titled Things Ain't What They Used to Be. I am constantly reminded of this, looking at my yearly faculty photos, where I see myself gradually transforming into a gnome! We almost take it for granted that we can access massive information storehouses wherever and whenever we want.

Through the years, I have realized that I am no longer the primary gatekeeper and information-distributer of chemistry, because access to chemical content is not a problem. My tasks now focus on helping students take the massive amounts of data and distilling it to what is critical, modeling the application of the knowledge and helping identify the questions that need answering. I also want to work myself out of a job, helping my scholars transform from students to peers, and I desire to be an effective mentor to every one of my students, something that requires quality relationships.

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