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Chris Alexander

Associate Dean for International Programs and McGee Director of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program
Ph.D. Duke University

Primary Research Interests

The politics and economics of the modern Middle East, specifically North Africa (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco). Alexander can discuss labor movements, Islamist movements, general political and economic development, and the Arab Spring in Tunisia.

Video Clips

  • Why did the Arab Spring Begin in Tunisia?

    No one expected the Arab Spring to begin in Tunisia. Alexander discusses four critical changes that took place in the country over the last decade which led to the uprising.

  • Expectations of New Governments Following the Arab Spring

    Alexander says the expectations people had for new governments during the Arab Spring were unrealistically optimistic, and the grievances that generated the protests continue to go unaddressed.

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In the Media

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WBEZ: Tunisia's Political Future Remains Uncertain (audio)
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