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Natalie Delia Deckard

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. Emory University

Primary Research Interests

Migration, citizenship, refugees and statelessness.

Drawing on literature in political sociology, citizenship theory, and racial and ethnic relations, Deckard works to explain the ways in which we construct belonging and exclusion in a market-driven world. By looking at phenomena as diverse as separatist movements, human trafficking, and incarceration, she investigates the changing character of the state and the citizen.

Video Clips

  • The Relationship Between the State and Citizenry in Today's Headlines

    Prof. Deckard speaks to the importance of changing views of government in weakening the democratic state, drawing from today's news to explicate the point.

  • The Government and Citizen Welfare

    Professor Deckard defines the term “welfare state” as it is used by social scientists and explores the implications of de-prioritizing citizen welfare as a goal for government.

  • The Social Science of Government

    Professor Deckard outlines what social scientists know about government legitimacy, welfare and rebellion.