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Québec Studies Outreach Seminar Held On Campus

Carole Kruger, Olivia Choplin, Patrick Leroux, Jane Moss at Quebec Studies Outreach Seminar
From left to right: Carole Kruger (Davidson), Olivia Choplin (Elon University), Patrick Leroux (Concordia University, Montreal), and Jane Moss (Duke University)

A Québec Studies Outreach Workshop was held on November 4 in the 900 Room of the Alvarez College Union.

Organized around the theme “Fifty Years of Québec on the World Stage,” the day-long event was funded by the American Council for Québec Studies (ACQS) and co-organized with the North Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French (NC-AATF).

Prof. Carole Kruger, chair of French and Francophone Studies, hosted the workshop which was attended by 35 North Carolina college and high school French teachers, as well as graduate students from UNC Chapel Hill.