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Hispanic Studies Announces Senior Thesis Presentations

Our senior thesis defenses begin with a presentation by the students in which they highlight key aspects of their key research. The presentation is followed by questions from the committee on both the written and oral projects, and we close with a conversation with the general audience before moving to a closed, evaluative discussion among the members of the thesis committee. When relevant, a decision regarding Honors or High Honors is made. The defenses are conducted in Spanish, and most are open to the public at the students' discretion.

Please join us at the open defenses as your calendars allow. Hispanic Studies majors from all classes are particularly encouraged to attend.

Honors Thesis Defenses

Dominic Boccaccio 
"Queer Disruption: Juan Emar's Proses and Transgeneric Narrative Participation"                    
Director: Prof. Luis Peña
Readers: Prof. Magdalena Maiz-Peña and Prof. Angela Willis
May 8, 2-4 p.m., Chambers 1006

Katie Kalivoda
"Traducción y traición: Traducción y análisis de Guzmán, Hildegart y de la Mora"
Director: Prof. Kyra Kietrys
Readers: Prof. Melissa González and Prof. Angela Willis
April 30, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m., Knobloch Alvarez 313

Cyrus Saffari
"La resistencia femenina española en contra del fascismo. La respuesta a una necesidad"  
Director: Prof. Mary Vásquez
Readers: Prof. Samuel Sánchez-Sánchez and Prof. Angela Willis
May 8, 10 a.m. - noon, Rare Book Room, E.H. Little Library

One-semester Thesis Defenses

Megan Bannon       
"En búsqueda de consuelo después de la muerte en Cárcel de Amor y La Celestina"
Director:  Prof. Samuel Sánchez-Sánchez
Readers: Prof. Mary Vásquez and Prof. Angela Willis
Closed defense

Megan Mavity         
"El deseo femenino en La Celestina y en los poemas de Téresa de Ávila"  
Director: Prof. Samuel Sánchez-Sánchez
Readers: Prof. Magdalena Maiz-Peña and Prof. Angela Willis
May 7, 1 - 2 p.m., Chambers 1045

Madison Rogas        
"Unfolding Fictions: Bodies, Narratives and the Politics of Fracturing Memory (Chilean Dictatorship)"
Director: Prof. Magdalena Maiz-Peña
Reader: Prof. Luis Peña
May 8, noon - 1 p.m., Chambers 2068