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Charlotte Observer: Prof. Clark Ross 'Trump, Sanders Teach Basic Lesson About Working Class'

Clark RossClark Ross, Frontis W. Johnston Professor of Economics, reflects on the outcome of the presidential election, harkening back to a piece he wrote for the Observer in August that asked whether either Sec. Hillary Clinton or President-elect Donald Trump would take up the cause of the working class. Those voters turned to Trump, Ross argues, because Trump (like Sen. Bernie Sanders during the primary) acknowledged their needs.

He writes:
Many lessons will be learned from this election. A lot will involve political strategy. But there is a more basic lesson, particularly for Democrats and their leadership. Thank Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for teaching it.

Do not take people for granted, particularly those who might be less sophisticated than you. Do not place the Wall Street executive ahead of the policeman on the corner. Do not equate disdain of the opponent and his followers for serious policy proposals aimed at those who are hurting. Finally, learn that righteousness and arrogance are not entitlements to govern in a democracy.

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Read Ross's piece, titled "Addressing the Problems of the Modern-day Joads."

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