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The Washington Post: President Carol Quillen Op-Ed, 'Liberal Arts Education in the Age of Trump'

Carol Quillen
Carol Quillen

In a recent opinion piece for The Washington Post, Davidson College President Carol Quillen asserts that liberal arts colleges are in the best position to prepare graduates for today's rapidly changing economic and sociocultural realities.

In an environment where graduates must be equipped for the accelerated pace of change, Davidson College is reimagining the liberal arts experience to help students hone broadly transferable skills, including "how to communicate, build a team in a multicultural work environment, tackle an intractable problem, analyze complex data and make timely decisions with imperfect information," Quillen writes.

"Similarly, graduates need the work ethic and resilience to learn new fields quickly, so that they can recognize and adjust to unpredictable shifts in our global economy and world. And to lead in a pluralistic, free society, they need deeply rooted humane instincts: compassion, intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, integrity and moral courage.

"These are not circumscribed technical skills. These are character attributes and habits of mind that will enable our nation's children to think critically, communicate clearly and design ethical, sustainable solutions to societal challenges we cannot yet imagine."

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