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USA Today and NPR: Prof. Josh Putnam Interviewed on Prospect of Rules Changes During Republican Party Meeting in Boston

USA Today's story on the national Republican party meeting in Boston includes a quote from Davidson's Josh Putnam, assistant professor of political science. Putnam says that the party will probably not make significant changes to rules for conducting primaries and selecting convention delegates.

The party is likely to eventually reinstate a rule requiring early primary states to award delegates proportionately for the national nominating convention, instead of allowing for winner-take-all delegations, Putnam said. The rule was changed for the party's 2012 national convention, but grass-roots activists have complained, arguing that it excludes the minority voices in the party.

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NPR's Liz Halloran interviewed Putnam for her report on a contentious action by a Republican faction to change a party rule that allows the GOP presidential nominee to choose alternatives to convention delegates who have been allocated by state voters to other candidates. Putnam, an assistant professor of political science, said he believes the proposed change will not be adopted.

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