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Davidson Grads Start 'Bold' New Music Education Biz

Davidson College prides itself on providing a liberal arts education that empowers its students and graduates to go forth into the world and be innovative leaders and instruments of change. For some, it can take years to find their calling after graduation and a profession in which they can really create meaningful impact. For George Ramsay '13 and Dean Williams '11 however, it didn't take long - they used their musical talents, business acumen and creativity to serve as instrument-playing instruments of change in the Charlotte area. George Ramsay

Ramsay and Williams co-founded Bold Music with a simple vision: to reinvent music education in the Charlotte area. Both lifelong musicians, the duo first crossed paths at Davidson, quickly becoming friends through their shared passion for creating and performing music. While Ramsay majored in music, Williams was a psychology major but took every opportunity to participate in music performance on campus. Although neither are native North Carolinians, both Williams and Ramsay felt deeply connected to the area after attending Davidson and saw an opportunity in Charlotte to positively change the way music is taught, learned, and created in the region.

Ramsay and Williams recognize the real difference that offering in-home music lessons could provide. Their Bold team of music instructors are willing to head nearly everywhere in the Charlotte region to offer in-home lessons, helping to minimize stress on families while maximizing musician comfort and productivity. They carefully tailor lessons for each individual student based on skill level, inspiration, and eventual goals.  

With their liberal arts background, both Williams and Ramsay are acutely aware that learning music is – and must be – about more than simply practicing scales, and the two leaders insist that Bold instructors are much more than musical coaches.

"After all, music is as much a way of life as it is an art form," Ramsay said. "A competent musician knows discipline, patience, determination, passion and joy – virtues that resonate in all walks of life, not just on a keyboard or guitar. A Bold musician is a well-rounded person, eager to and capable of dealing with challenges on their instrument and beyond."

As recent college graduates developing a start-up business, Ramsay and Williams wanted to combine their passion for music and music education with business, but wanted to get up and running without loans. They were successful in doing so, and they now use every resource conceivable to maintain a growing business while still providing affordable music instruction. With a creative marketing plan to accommodate a tight budget, Bold Music uses social media, blogging and other innovative advertising techniques to keep their costs low and keep focus on what really matters: quality music instruction.

Soon, the duo plans to start a "Sponsor a Student" program, where donors can purchase music lessons for children in need. While Bold Music offers extremely competitive pricing for their instruction, they recognize that there are many students in the Charlotte area that could greatly benefit from music education, but might not have the financial resources to make that a reality. Through potentially pairing with or becoming a 501(c)3 organization, Williams and Ramsay hope to be able to use Bold Music as a vehicle to make musical education affordable for families from all backgrounds. 

"Bold Music strives to promote the power of music, provide role models for our students, and nurture skilled, confident musicians," Ramsay said, "all while having fun."

For more information about Bold Music or to inquire about taking lessons with Ramsay, Williams, or other members of their instructional team, visit, call 980-224-2636 or connect up with them on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Vimeo