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Fresh Market CEO Talks Honor in Corporate America April 9

Craig Carlock
Craig Carlock '89

Fresh Market CEO and President Craig Carlock '89 will provide a Chidsey Leadership Lecture at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 9, in the C. Shaw Smith 900 Room, Alvarez College Union. Carlock provided a brief preview of the discussion, titled "Honor in Corporate America," ahead of his campus visit. The event is free and open to the public.

Q: What is the first example you recall of Davidson's Honor Code coming up in your business career?

A: Davidson colleague and friend Brett Berry observed that occasionally when senior management discovered something wrong, other employees had been aware of the problem and had been reluctant to speak up. Brett suggested that we borrow from the Honor Code and place responsibility on those who observe bad acts to communicate them.

Q: What is one example of how your Honor Code sensibility plays out in your current work leading Fresh Market?

A: In The Fresh Market's values statements, which are conveyed to each employee, integrity is one of our company's four pillars. We strive to create a culture where employees can trust and rely on one another, believing that if we treat one another well, we will also treat our customers well.

Q: What is the biggest challenge to honorable, ethical dealings in business today?

A: I observe that honorable dealings get put to the test when an individual is looking to conceal a mistake or is feeling too much pressure to perform.

Q: Beside its strong Honor Code, what is one important way Davidson helped you, in the words of the college's Statement of Purpose, to "develop humane instincts and a disciplined and creative mind for a life of leadership and service"?

A: Davidson taught me how to focus my thoughts into good, clear writing, and good writing has been a tremendous way to express ideas that mobilize others to action.

Q: On the lighter side, what is one thing in life you've done since graduation that might surprise your classmates?

A: Though I'm not particularly talented, I completed a half-ironman triathlon and a full marathon when I turned 40.

For additional information about the lecture, contact Amber MacIntyre.