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The Washingtonian: Dads Want to Have It All, Too

Gayle KaufmanIn today's job market, home life trumps workplace validation for many new dads, reports a Washingtonian article that cites Professor of Sociology's book Superdads.

"Flexibility trump[s] title and salary," writes Brooke Lea Foster. "That kind of tradeoff is something many more men are choosing, says Gayle Kaufman, author of the 2013 book Superdads: How Fathers Balance Work and Family in the 21st Century. The Davidson College professor interviewed 70 men and found a number of what she calls ‘old dads,' who cling to the traditional provider role, as well as ‘superdads,' who leave a high-paying position and upend their career path. But the majority were ‘new dads': men who want their job titles to be both chief breadwinner and dad of the year."

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