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Wall Street Session Prepares Students for Finance Careers

Train the Street
Training the Street teaches 100 Davidson students the necessary skills for finance careers.

Davidson students have a unique opportunity to find out what it takes to succeed in the financial sector thanks to a day-long session provided by Training the Street (TTS). This year TTS returned to Davidson for the second time, with 68 students attending the fall session.

TTS is the premiere preparation program for the financial, consulting and other business sectors, offering specialized classes for its mostly corporate clients. However, focusing on corporate valuation and financial statements seemed to be the most appropriate overview of the world of finance for liberal arts students.

"Davidson students do very well in locating opportunities in the financial sector, consulting, management and other business roles. Why we bring TTS to campus is to give them even more of an edge in competing for internships and ultimately landing jobs," said Nathan Elton, director of the center for career development.

The session is a mix of live instruction, collaborative exercises and readings that teach students the necessary technical skills for fields such as investment banking, consulting, research, asset management, private equity, brokerage, sales and trading, and insurance.

Elton said, "A liberal arts student brings a lot of strong skills to the workplace-skills in teamwork, communication, critical analysis and problem solving. TTS provides more of the technical knowledge they'll need in an interview setting and on the job."