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Charlotte Observer: Sculptor Plensa Brings Tender Emotion to Cold Steel

Jaume Plensa with studentsWriter Barbara Schreiber takes a look at how the exhibition "Jaume Plensa: Sculptures and Drawings," currently on view in the Van Every/Smith Galleries, contextualizes his public works—specifically Waves III, which was installed on Davidson's campus in the spring of 2013. She finds that while Plensa is best known for his enormous public sculptures, such as the Crown Fountain in Chicago, his smaller works provide a deeper level of intimacy and engage the viewer in a different way. For example, the gallery-size figures with gaping holes adopt a sense of vulnerability rather than opening a passageway for viewers to adopt the sculpture's viewpoint as the holes do in his public works.

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"Jaume Plensa: Sculptures and Drawings" is on view in the Van Every/Smith Galleries through Dec. 17.