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Huffington Post: Joggling, the Goofiest Sport in History

Bill Giduz '74 competes in a joggling event in Atlanta
Bill Giduz '74 competes in a joggling event in Atlanta.

College is fun. Bill Giduz '74 has known that from the start of his Davidson career as a student. Now he is a 34-year Davidson College staff veteran, as campus photographer and newsman extraordinaire. And through it all, Bill's very own personal sports news story, begun in days of yore, continues its long "run," too-after a fashion.

"'Joggling' is the sport of running while juggling, and yes it's a real thing," Kevin Bell '05 writes in the Huffington Post. "I learned about joggling from Bill Giduz, the man who introduced it in the late 1970s. I first met Bill at the finish line of the Davidson College Freshman Cake Race in 2001, and we soon became friends...."

Joggling. Now there's a story with legs.

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