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Oriental Morning Post: Story on Mime-Matics Breaks the Language Barrier

Chartier performs mime-matics
Chartier performs mime-matics in the classroom.

Most American readers will need to employ a good translation program to appreciate an article about Associate Professor of Mathematics Tim Chartier and his spouse Tanya in a recent edition of China's Oriental Morning Post. Reporter Laura Hsu read a New York Times article about the couple's unique "Mime-matics" performances, which employ their training in mime to illustrate mathematical principles.

Hsu decided to write her own version of the story, and conducted e-mail interviews with Chartier from her office in Shanghai.

But Chinese isn't the only language required of prospective readers. The article includes a 3-1/2 minute video of a Chartier skit with toilet plungers. The soundtrack for the video is a song in French. And, of course, Chartier mimes the skit, so a facility for interpreting the unspoken word is vital!

Access the report here.