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Charlotte Observer: College Picks First Leader of Entrepreneurship Program

Hannah Levinson
Hannah Levinson

The professional landscape is changing rapidly, thus increasing the challenges colleges and universities face in preparing students for life after graduation. With the hire of its new director of entrepreneurship and innovation, Hannah Levinson, Davidson continues to meet those challenges head on.

"We live in a time of global interdependence and fast-paced change, and the jobs that many of our graduating seniors will hold did not exist when they arrived at Davidson," President Carol Quillen said in an interview with reporter John Deem for the Charlotte Observer.

In response to the changing economy and shifting needs/goals of its graduates, over the last two years Davidson has worked to bolster its entrepreneurship program, giving students insight and resources to apply the skills they are learning and create real-world professional opportunities.

"Davidson creates curious, lifelong learners who transform the world," Levinson told Deem. "Our entrepreneurship and innovation program is a critical part of this (by) fostering our students' innate abilities and enabling them to respond quickly and meaningfully to the complexities of our global economy and an ever-evolving sociopolitical landscape. This is the liberal arts at its core."

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