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Welcome Class of 2019! Time to Get Out Your Davidson Dictionary

This week Davidson welcomes the 513 members of the Class of 2019. The class is the largest in the college's history, with students hailing from 47 states and 23 countries.

More than 5,300 applicants entered an application process that looked for strength in academic performance, personal qualities and outstanding accomplishments, resulting in a record low acceptance rate of 22.2 percent. The class also brings to Davidson a tapestry of diversity, with more than 22 percent of students identifying as racial minorities.

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As the first week of classes begins, so does Wildcat Welcome Week, which greets incoming students with various events to help them learn about student life at Davidson. Events include the Activities Fair on Chambers Lawn, a barbeque at the Multicultural House, an art crawl, and the 76th annual Cake Race. Everyone can participate in the fun on social media with #davidson2019 and #wildcatwelcome, and by following us on Snapchat (davidsoncollege).

Though Wildcat Welcome Week helps ease new students into life at Davidson, first years are still learning many details in very little time. The process may leave new students with questions like:

Where is the infamous hill?

Is the Webtree growing somewhere on campus?

And just how does one play flickerball?

To help familiarize new members of the campus community with Davidson jargon, we've compiled "The Davidson Dictionary," a video introduction to Davidson College lingo. Read further for full text definitions.

The Davidson Dictionary

An Introduction to Davidson College lingo



Abbreviation of “Belk Scholar,” or a recipient of the most generous scholarship awarded by Davidson College.

green book

A standardized format used for reviews which are then submitted for grading. Available for purchase at the College Store!

Honor Code

The uniting commitment of students, faculty and staff to build a community based on personal integrity and mutual respect. One of the college’s most cherished traditions, the Honor Code is upheld by a student-run Honor Council.


A favorite tool of Davidson students in need of a GPA boost. Students can use pass/fail to remove up to three of their lowest grades from the total used to calculate GPA.


A written confirmation, in the form of your signature, affirming that your work was completed in accordance with the college’s Honor Code and that you are unaware of violations by others.


Don’t let this term fool you. It’s a test!

self-scheduled exams

Davidson speak for “finals.” Self-scheduled exams allow students to plan their end-of-semester studying on their own time, thanks to the freedom granted by the Honor Code.


Bi-annually beloved by some and disliked by others, Webtree is the online registration tool that assigns class schedules based on the rankings students submit and their lottery numbers.


The earliest weekday class time. Not recommended for classes that take place in dimly-lit rooms.

Student Life


The Ada Jenkins Center, a community center welcoming of student volunteers.The Ada Jenkins Center is home to a food pantry, free clinic and education programs.


The trusty pop-up that ensures all computers are properly configured for the Davidson wifi network.

Cats Connect

A way for upperclassmen to meet incoming first year students and show them the ropes.

Commons date

Two students spotted sharing a meal in Commons, perhaps enjoying some chick parm (chicken parmesan) or custom mac-n-cheese.


The inter-hall flag football competition for first year students. However, as in ultimate Frisbee, you can pass the ball in any direction you want!

21 YON


Twenty-one-year-old night. The C. Shaw Smith 900 Room turns into an exclusive party for 21-year-old students every Tuesday night. Jenga, cards and free popcorn included.

Campus Locales

Base Libz

Shhhh! The basement of the library is for silent studying only.


Belk Lab, also known as the Student Computing Center. This cavern of computers in the basement of Belk Dorm is a favorite spot for those pulling all-nighters.


Desks in the library that students may reserve for their private use each year. Some students take creative license and decorate their enclave.

Chambers Lawn

Plop down with your reading in an Adirondack chair and soak up the sun in the heart of campus.

Club Libz

The first floor of the library. Study here to procrastinate/break up your grind with a little gossip.

Dark side vs. Light side

The two dining areas of Commons. The dark side offers round tables for large conversations, while the light side offers proximity to dujour and desserts.


The largest apartment complex in Martin Court, properly titled Armfield. Home base for weekend shenanigans.


The glass box in the heart of the library also known as the Electronic Classroom.


Slang for Summit’s campus location or “New Summit,” formerly the Outpost. The coziest place to study while sipping on an iced chai latte.

Sparrow’s Nest

The mysterious cottage located between Belk and Commons. Built before the Civil War, the house in fact served as servants’ quarters for a Mr. Sparrow, who lived nearby.

Up the hill / down the hill

The campus line of demarcation. Up the hill means classes and club meetings, down the hill means unwinding and hanging out.


The Katherine and Tom Belk Visual Arts Center. Haven for student artists and art historians.

3rd Unez

Third floor of the Alvarez College Union valued for proximity to the Davis Café and people watching.

Social Scene


The week prior to graduation, the senior class ventures to a beach town of their choice for a prolonged goodbye.

Blacklight Beach

Dance around in glowing sand at this court party hosted by Phi Delta Theta.


A court party hosted by Turner featuring dancing “boy bands” in the style of N-SYNC and One Direction.

Carolina Cup

A horse race held each year in Camden, South Carolina.

Connor House

Eating house known for camouflage get-ups and their jester mascot. Connor supports breast cancer research through their annual “Bosom Buddies” event.

Klub KA

A dubstep and techno-infused court party hosted by Kappa Alpha

Court Party

A Friday or Saturday party held in one of the houses on Patterson Court. Come one, come all, regardless of affiliation!


Splatter neon colors on your friends at this court party typically hosted by Rusk.


The annual spring bonanza held in the center of Patterson Court, planned and themed by Union Board. A Davidson tradition for over 50 years, Spring Frolics is a non-stop weekend of fun.


Wear a white shirt, bring your highlighters, and draw on your friends at this AE court party.


This court party is a big celebration of Madonna hosted by Warner Hall.

Mathletes vs. Athletes

Dress up as a nerd or an all-star jock for this court party typically hosted by Warner Hall.

the quarry

The Carrigan Farms Quarry provides a beautiful natural setting and delicious buffet for formals hosted by eating-houses or fraternities.

Rusk House

Davidson’s first eating house, founded in 1977. Members are affectionately referred to as “husky Ruskies” and the house mascot is a cow. Rusk supports autism research.

Self Selection

The weekend when first year women learn which eating house they have been assigned based on their personal rankings. Self Selection weekend features an infamous “walk around” in which new house members are paraded around Patterson Court covered in paint, chocolate syrup or barbeque sauce.

social calendar

The weekly email listing upcoming social events.

Turner House

The only eating house not directly located on Patterson Court. Infamous for their trademark chant “TURNERRRR, TURNERRRR!” and their frog mascot. Turner House supports leukemia and lymphoma research.

Warner Hall House

Eating house whose members proudly sport the colors pink and green. Warner Hall House supports AIDS research with the annual Red and Black Ball.

Story and video by Robert Abare '13 and Morgan Orangi '13.