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IPI Global Observatory: Prof. Menkhaus on Progress, Obstacles in Somalia

Prof. Ken Menkhaus
Prof. Ken Menkhaus

An extended interview with Professor of Political Science Ken Menkhaus in the International Peace Institute's "Global Observatory" journal provides an up-to-date look at the positive and negative outlooks for peace and prosperity in Somalia.

Menkhaus, a longtime observer, consultant and commentator on the troubled African nation, says international military aid has helped the armed forces keep the Al-Shabaab terror group in check. However, political infighting has prevented the democratic federal government formed in 2012 from making progress toward the important transitional tasks of election of a new head of state and referendum on a new constitution.

Menkhaus concludes, "Really, the question is: How can Somalia move forward with this plethora of external interests and actors, some of which are creating more problems than they solve?"

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