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Huffington Post: What Three College Presidents Learned From Campus Racism Protests

College PresidentsIn a piece for the Huffington Post, Tyler Kingkade asks three presidents of private liberal arts colleges—Pomona College's David Oxtoby, Muhlenberg College's John Williams Jr. and Davidson College's Carol Quillen -- what they have learned from recent student activism around race.

According to Kingkade, the leaders agreed that while college presidents can't solve all of society's problems, they do have a responsibility to join student activists in efforts to address systemic racial bias.

"I don't think they're saying 'Fix my problem,' or 'My feelings are hurt, you need to tell the person to say sorry,'" Quillen said. "I think they're saying, 'You make claims about what you believe in and we would like you to live in a way that reflects your values, that's what you ask us to do.' That's fair enough."

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