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The New York Times: Prof. Tim Chartier on How to Teach ‘Star Wars’ Across the Curriculum


Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Tim Chartier has recently become a freelance writer for The New York Times. He and coauthor Michael Gonchar have published an article in the paper's "Learning Network" section about teaching Star Wars in the classroom.

The authors go far beyond using the movie simply to teach math. They suggest lesson plans for using the movie to consider issues across the curriculum. There's a section on language arts that focuses on Yoda's unique sentence structure. A physics section prods students to consider how the laws of physics would affect space battles. An economics section prompts consideration of how destruction of the Death Star might backfire, causing economic chaos across the galaxy. Other sections pose questions in the areas of history, journalism and even art.

Chartier had some help in the math section of the article from Courtney Cochrane '16, who supplied code for a section on mapping new planets by creating fractal islands.

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