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Professors and Game Changers Engage in Life of Learning

Life of Learning: Game ChangersWhen junior and senior faculty members from the Africana Studies department gather weekly at a local coffee shop in the interest of friendship, growth and scholarship. They sit around a table together, and they write. For Joseph "Piko" Ewoodzie—the newest member of the group—it's a small thing with huge impact.

Edwoozie, who is wrapping up his first year teaching courses in qualitative methods, sociological theory, culture, race, and urban sociology, values relationships in all aspects of his career, and getting to know his students is priority number one. He spends his office hours in one-to-one conversations with students, learning more about their uncertainties, their convictions and their families.

When Jane Mangan arrived at Davidson from Harvard in 2004 as an assistant professor in the history department, she was the first, and is still the only, full-time Latin American historian on the faculty. Twelve years in, she has led change for the college and in lives of her many students. Among her contributions: the development of the Davidson in Peru program as well as the Latin America Studies Department.

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