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Davidson Goes ‘All In’ with Panthers QB Cam Newton

Cam Newton in Makerspace with student inventor
Cam Newton and Caleb work in the Davidson College Maker Space, filming an episode of "All In with Cam Newton"

Before tuning in Thursday night to watch Carolina Panther superstar quarterback Cam Newton take the field against Denver, watch him help make a young inventor’s dream come true at Davidson College.

In addition to his day job on the gridiron, Newton is star of a Nickelodeon network show, “All In With Cam Newton,” on which he helps young people work toward their dreams and “discover the hero that lives inside of them.” During episode 12, Newton arrives at the home of 11-year-old Caleb, whose passion is inventing. Caleb shows Cam some of his best inventions so far–a French fry cup with a condiment cup attached to the side, a Velcro-fastened cape for super hero costumes and basketball gloves to help young players control their dribble.

Caleb tells Cam he’s now working on a skateboard trainer that will help youngsters learn tricks without so much danger by replacing the wheels with some sort of bouncy material.

Off on their quest to bring the idea to life, Cam takes Caleb to the campus of Davidson College. With Chambers Building as a backdrop, they meet two professional inventors–Jon Boggiano, one of Davidson’s entrepreneurs-in-residence, and Nicki Boyd–who founded the startup company VersaMe. The four go to the college’s Maker Space, where the two pros help Cam and Caleb build some prototype trainers. Next they round up five young testers and conduct some trials in the Lilly Gallery. The recruits offer some positive feedback, and good ideas for improvements on the prototype. Concluding the session, Boyd offers Caleb the best feedback of all, telling him, “No matter how many people tell you that you can’t, you can do anything!”

Cable subscribers can access the show (episode 12) online; sign in with your username and password from any major internet provider to gain access.