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Message to the Davidson Community on Events in Charlotte

Carol QuillenTo the Davidson College Community:

As you know, protests have broken out in Charlotte for the past three nights in response to the death of Keith Lamont Scott after he was shot by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer. Many among us are sad, angry, frustrated and afraid. For many among us, these tragic events heighten feelings that are present every day-feelings of pain and grief at a history we can neither change nor escape, and feelings of anger at a present weighed down by apathy, denial, ignorance and racism.

No words from me can magically heal our community. But together we can work towards a just, humane future. For this to happen, each of us must take on racism as our daily problem. We cannot, as we have sometimes done in the past, place the burden of raising awareness and leading change disproportionately on people of color. Each of us–and especially those of us who are white–must commit. Each of us must create for ourselves a daily life that reflects our stated values. Our complacency perpetuates the injustice we claim to oppose.

Our gathering this morning reminds us that Davidson is a community and a family. We can work together across the lines that divide us to make our campus and region more just and more humane. Let us take advantage of the space afforded by this community to educate ourselves, to listen to each other, and to believe in a shared future even when we cannot yet see it.

Dean Shandley and the Dean of Students Office will soon share their plan for continuing the conversations we heard around the flag pole today. The Chaplain's Office welcomes all community members and offers a place for sharing, reflection and prayer. Counseling is available to all students through the Student Health Center by calling 704-894-2451.

Please let's hold each other in our hearts and prayers as we take these next steps together.


Carol Quillen