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Public Health Research Collaboration Provides Rare Opportunity for Undergraduates

Davidson students and faculty participated Sept. 4, 2015, in the Inaugural Undergraduate Public Health Research Collaboration at Furman University, with peers in public health and related studies from Furman and Elon universities.

"The collaboration highlighted the outstanding public health research that is current and emerging at Davidson, Elon and Furman," said Visiting Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities Lauren Stutts. The conference also provided an opportunity for networking and brainstorming public health priorities at the three institutions and beyond, she added.

Davidson's Director of Premedicine and Allied Health Professions Naila Mamoon and Assistant Professor of Economics Alica Sparling also attended. One Davidson student, Haley Rhodes '16, presented to the entire conference, and 11 students from Davidson presented posters. Duke University's Robert L. Flowers Professor of Public Policy Kelly D. Brownell keynoted the event, which drew 80 participants.

Next fall, Elon or Davidson will host the research event and hope to collaborate in many years to come, said Stutts.

Student contributors to Public Health Conference

Student contributors, with faculty and student professional collaborations noted, are listed below:

Margaret Haley Rhodes '16
Anita Chary, Meghan Farley Webb, Kristie Foley and Peter Rohloff
"Maternal Motivation: Understanding the Relationship Between Maternal Autonomy, Purpose and Child Nutritional Status in Rural Guatemala"

Natalie Spach '16
Jennifer Rankin and Andrew Bazemore
"The Wealthy are The Healthy: An Evaluation of Current Measures that Address the Social Determinants and Health Disparities"

Jaela McDonald '18 and Erin Xu '17
Marissa Baudino, Annabelle Cella, Erin Xu and Terrah Akard
"Therapy Dogs: Pediatric Cancer Clinic's Special Agents"

Ben Whitfield '17
Christopher Campos, Ronald E. Cannon and David S. Miller
"The Body's Double Agent: P-glycoprotein Expressional Changes Caused by In Vivo Exposure to Low-Level Ionizing Radiation"

Akanksha Das '16
Michael E. Wilson
"Impairments in Survivors of Critical Illness Requiring Mechanical Ventilation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies"

Sarah Dwyer '16
Sophia Harlid and Jack Taylor
"Are We What We Ate? Investigating the Effects of Neonatal Genistein Exposure on Global Blood Methylation in Mice"

Divya Khandke '16
Nancy Fairley and Amanda Martinez
"Breaking Down the Stigma: An Exploration of the Reproductive Rights of Women in Cape Coast, Ghana"

Alison DeMarco '16
Alica Sparling
"Measuring the Association Between Continuity of Care and Type II Diabetic Compliance"

Lauren Grace Himes '18
C. William Wester
"Care Preferences Amongst Adult Female Patients in Nicaragua"

Daniel Isinhue '16
Natasha Topoluck, Justin Collins, Christine Schammel, John Bruch, Michael Lynn
"Evaluation of Endocrinological Deficiencies in Patients with Pituitary Adenomas"

Catherine Wu '16
Eriberto Lozado, Jianfeng Zhu, Yan Hua, and Qinhua Zhang
"Making Babies in the 1.3 Billion: Understanding the Clinical Realities and Motivations of Infertility Patients in China"

Joscar Matos '16
Helen Cho
"Imaginary Boundaries: The Effects of Structural Violence and Racial Prejudice on Quality and Access to Healthcare in the Dominican Republic"