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ITS Announces New Organizational Structure

Information Technology Services (ITS) has unveiled a new organizational structure. This reorganization is the first step on the path to transforming how we think about, apply, and support technology at Davidson College.

The ITS leadership team developed this new structure based on the many ideas, opportunities, and challenges articulated by members of the Davidson College community, as well as on the thinking of research and analyst firms about the evolving nature and role of IT organizations. The changes are a realignment and restructuring of ITS that will serve to expand the ITS team slightly and strengthen its capabilities to better serve the college now and into the future.

Below please find additional information about the reorganization and the dates and times of information sessions about ITS's new direction.

Why is ITS being reorganized?

ITS is being reorganized in order to:

  • Promote deeper collaboration within ITS, and between ITS and colleagues across the college.
  • Add new capabilities and services to meet current and future technology needs of the campus community, including analytics/business intelligence, project management, business analysis, student programmers, and the capacity to support rapid prototyping, piloting, and innovation projects.
  • Create an organizational structure that supports an increasingly "interdisciplinary" and complex IT service portfolio and positions us toward the future of IT work and roles.

What is the new structure?

ITS is moving from technology-centric teams to teams focused on service delivery. The current teams are: Technology Help Services, Academic Technology, Administrative Systems, and Systems & Networks. The new ITS organizational structure will feature three teams:

  • Engagement - focused on ITS communications, process analysis, and relationship, portfolio, and project management.
  • Digital Innovation - focused on instructional design, new media, agile software and web/mobile development, prototyping and pilot projects, and digital innovation across the college.
  • Core Services - focused on user success and support for our many foundational services, including end-user computing, classrooms and labs, Banner and our many other administrative applications, and our server, storage, and network infrastructure.

Kristen Eshleman will lead the Digital Innovation team, building on the great work she has done leading the Digital Learning Research and Design initiative and extending it to enhance digital innovation across the college.

Recruiting will begin immediately for two positions: a Deputy CIO to lead the Core Services area, and a Director of Engagement.

What does the reorganization entail?

This reorganization reflects a significant change within ITS, and it will take time to realize the full potential of this new structure. This academic year will be one of transition and transformation within ITS with the objective of having much of the transitional work done by calendar year's end.

The restructuring involves the reassignment of members of the current ITS team to one of the three new teams, and in some cases into realigned positions. As part of the planning process, the leadership team carefully reflected on the roles that are needed in a future-looking IT organization. Several new roles were created as a result of this analysis, and current staff members will move into the large majority of these new roles. Unfortunately, three positions were also eliminated.

Recognizing that transitions such as these are hard, and losing colleagues to restructuring is always difficult we believe the new structure will have a positive impact overall. Through a combination of currently open positions, upcoming retirements, and the eliminated positions, ITS will be hiring for a number of new roles in the coming weeks and months. Once the restructuring is complete, 1.5 new full-time employees will have been added to ITS and, most importantly, the framework will have been put in place to better meet the varied needs of the campus community today, and into the future.

We ask for your patience and understanding, as well as collaborative spirit, as ITS moves forward over the next few months under this new structure.

View a PDF that explains how ITS has been reorganized and shows the new organizational chart.

Where should I go for IT help?

In the coming months ITS will enhance its support processes and services, evolving from a Help Desk to a more comprehensive User Success Team. There will be more about this as we move forward. In the meantime, members of the college community can continue to seek assistance from ITS through the Help Desk. The Help Desk can be reached via:

Phone: (704) 894-2900
In Person: User Services Building, 213 N. Main St.

If you have any questions about support during this transitional period, please feel free to contact Lydia Lorenzin ( or Rae Clemmons ( at any time.

Where can I learn more?

CIO Rae Clemmons will be meeting with a number of campus groups and committees in the coming weeks to share more about this organizational structure and how it relates to the findings from the listening tour she conducted in the spring, philosophies that will guide the strategic plan for IT@Davidson, and the future direction for ITS.

She will also be hosting a number of "Reimagining ITS" open forums that anyone is welcome to join to learn more, including:

Thursday, Sept. 8, 11:05-12:05 p.m.
Knobloch Campus Center/Alvarez College Union 209

Friday, Sept. 9, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Knobloch Campus Center/Alvarez College Union 302

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 10:30-11:30 a.m. (coffee provided!)
Summit on Campus, stage or outdoor area (depending on weather/attendance)

Thursday, Sept. 15, 4-5 p.m.
Knobloch Campus Center/Alvarez College Union Sprinkle Room

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 1:45-2:45 p.m.
E.H. Little Library Open Tutor Room

Rae is also available to attend divisional or departmental meetings to share more, or meet with individuals to answer any questions they might have. She can be reached via email at To schedule an appointment to discuss your questions more directly or in person, contact Lisa Smith via email at