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Attention OnBase Users: Upgrade This Weekend

OnBase will be upgraded from the current version of OnBase 12 to OnBase 13 beginning at 5 p.m. this Friday, July 18. OnBase 13 will be up and running by open of business on Monday, July 21. Please be sure you have completed all work and logged out of OnBase by 5 p.m. on Friday.

Q: Why is OnBase being upgraded at this time?
A: We need to upgrade OnBase not only to take advantage of new features and bug fixes in the new version, but also to keep OnBase compatible with other software upgrades being deployed on campus like Microsoft Office and the latest web browsers.
Q: Do I have to do anything to be ready for the upgrade?
A: Many OnBase users will not need to do anything. There are two exceptions:

  • If you are responsible for indexing documents sitting in batch scan queues, you will need to clear everything out of the queues by 5 p.m. Friday.
  • If you currently interact with OnBase by using the OnBase menu in Microsoft Outlook 2010, note that after the upgrade occurs, you will be required to upgrade the Microsoft Office software on your Windows PC before you can continue to access OnBase from within Outlook. This is a simple three-step process. See the ITS Knowledge Base article‚Äč for detailed instructions on how to do the upgrade on your computer.

Q: I’m one of the Outlook 2010 users who need to upgrade my Office software to work with OnBase 13. When should I do the Office upgrade?

A: You can perform the upgrade to your Office software next week after the OnBase upgrade has taken place, however, if possible, we strongly encourage you to upgrade your office software before Monday, June 21, to minimize any possible disruptions to your normal work flow next week. If you elect to upgrade Office prior to Monday, be sure you have completed any work you need to do with OnBase for the week before upgrading because your upgraded Office software won’t operate with OnBase until the OnBase 13 upgrade is completed over the weekend. If you have completed all of your processing in OnBase for the week, or there is work with OnBase you can delay until next week, then you may go ahead and perform the Office upgrade ahead of time.  This will potentially save you time and trouble next week.