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Davidson Partners with NC State on Virtual Computing Lab

Do you use ATLAS.ti, MATLAB, Mathematica, SAS, and/or SPSS, or have students who do? Davidson’s Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) Pilot, made possible by a new ITS partnership with NC State University, makes these campus-licensed lab and classroom software applications, previously only available on college-owned computers, accessible remotely through a virtual environment on and off campus. Mac or Windows computers can be used to access the VCL, as can any other Internet-connected device with a remote desktop protocol (RDP) client.

We invite you to use the VCL if you have need for these programs but do not have them installed on your office or home computers. Please also encourage your students to use this resource for their coursework. While all of these programs are available in the computer labs around campus, accessing them from a personal computer or from off campus may be very useful to some students. Learn more about VCL and get started (login required).