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New ITS Partnership brings Virtual Computing to Davidson

ITS is pleased to announce the pilot implementation of a Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) environment for Davidson College's academic community. Made possible through a new ITS partnership with North Carolina State University (NCSU), VCL is an open-source cloud computing platform developed by NCSU using the Apache Foundation's Virtual Computing Lab software. The platform is widely used at a number of R1 institutions, including Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill universities.

Davidson's VCL will enable us to make campus-licensed lab and classroom software, currently only available on College-owned computers, available remotely through a virtual environment. During the pilot phase this summer, we plan to make Atlas.ti, SAS and SPSS available.

If you or your research students plan to use these applications this summer, we invite your participation and ask that you indicate your interest by contacting Mur Muchane or Anne Pender.