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Responding to Suspicious Emails May Affect All Davidson Users

Over the past several days there has been a marked increase in phishing email messages on the Internet. The messages are crafted to look like official communication asking for personal information such as: username, password, birthdate, and social security number. Some of the messages try to get you to believe there is a problem with your email account such as mailbox quota. PLEASE NOTE, those messages are sent by individuals trying to steal your password or your online identity.

Things you should know at Davidson about official email correspondence from the Help Desk and ITS:

  • ITS staff will never ask for your password via email or send you an email suggesting you change your password.
  • The Davidson network password tool requires you to already know your password. Any other tool you may see is not ours.
  • The Davidson firewall attempts to identify untrustworthy emails as being suspicious. If you see “[Suspicious]” in the subject line of an email message, do not act on anything you see in that message. Delete the message or consult with the Help Desk if you cannot determine if the message is legitimate.

If you have already replied to a phishing email or clicked any links, please immediately reset your network password and let us know by calling the Help Desk at 704-894-2900.  Otherwise, please delete the email.

Responding to and providing personal information to phishing messages will compromise your email. Spammers will use your compromised account to send out spam to other email service providers. When this happens the entire domain may be blocked by service providers. The process of removal from the blocked list requires considerable staff time and, at times, days to resolve. In addition, the flood of messages caused by accounts being compromised may slow down sending and receiving all types of email to and from campus.

For more information or examples of phishing attempts Davidson College has recently received, please visit Inside Davidson (login required).