To verify that a payment has been processed, you will need the vendor number.

For INB (Internet Native) Banner

  • Go to screen FAIVNDH
  • Enter the vendor number
  • Click the "GO" button on the far right of the screen or Perform a Next Block command (Alt-Page Down).
  • You will see all the invoices for the vendor you have selected. Use the up or down arrow keys to identify the specific payment you are looking for.
  • The check date and the check number are in the far right columns.

For Self Service

  • Log into Self Service
  • Click on Financial Information
  • Click on View Document
  • At the Choose type drop down menu, choose Invoice
  • Click on Document Number
  • If User ID block has data, clear it out
  • Enter the Vendor ID. You do not need to enter any other information, but entering the transaction date (i.e., the month/year the payment was entered into Banner) will reduce the number of payments listed if you are querying on a frequently paid vendor (such as Bank of America corporate card payments) 
  • Click on Execute Query. A list of payments to this vendor will appear; click on the Document Number you wish to view. (Unfortunately, at this time, self-service is not showing document amounts to help with this query.)
  • Click on View Document. At the bottom of the page that is returned you will see Related Documents. This will specify the check/direct deposit number.

To Verify Cashed or Canceled Check

  • Go to screen FOIDOCH
  • In the Doc Type block, enter CHK
  • In the Doc Code, enter the check number (see section above on how to obtain a check number)
  • Click the "GO" button on the far right of the screen or Do a Next Block command (Alt-Page Down)
  • If there is a "F" to the right of the check number in the Check column, the check has been cashed; if there is an "X" to the right of the check number, the check has been canceled.