We offer multiple session dates and trips for the Outdoor Odyssey programs. Financial aid is available for each. No prior knowledge or technical skill is required for any program listed below. 


Basecamp Odyssey is an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities with your peers in a less remote environment. Like the Other Outdoor odyssey programs, most activities take place in western North Carolina. The program features daytime excursions such as hikes, rafting, lake canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, introductory rock climbing or group initiatives. In the evening, hang out with your new Davidson friends, playing games, star gazing, making s'mores, or playing cards. The exertion level of this program is less strenuous than the other Outdoor Odyssey programs, and your group returns each evening to your tents in a developed campground with access to bathrooms and showers. The Basecamp experience is available during all five-day sessions.


Backpacking Odyssey travels for three days and two nights in the mountains of western North Carolina. Work together with your crew and encourage each other on the trail and in camp. In addition to learning skills such as cooking on a backpacking stove and setting up your crew's tarp, you will learn to live outdoors with minimal impact on the environment. This is a vigorous program with all the challenges and rewards that come with traveling and living in remote areas. Backpacking Odyssey is available during all five-day sessions. 

Whitewater Paddling

Whitewater Odyssey involves several days of paddling, typically along the French Broad river in two-person canoes. You will learn the basics of whitewater paddling including strokes, river manuevers, and safety. Over the course of the trip, we will encounter beginner to intermediate level rapids as you and your crew grow as a team. Learn to live outdoors, setting up your own tents and preparing your own meals.  Often you will have access to a pit toilet, but otherwise, you will be camping remotely. This is a vigorous program with all the challenges and rewards that come with traveling and living in remote areas. Whitewater Odyssey is available only during Sessions 1 and 2. 

Extended Edition 

Extended Edition Odyssey brings elements from Backpacking, Whitewater and Service Odyssey together in an eight-day experience in the remote western North Carolina mountains. You will spend three days backpacking in the mountains of western North Carolina, two days paddling, typically on the French Broad river, and a one-day service project, typically with a community organization near the town of Hot Springs, NC. Eight days together and three activities create an opportunity to build deep connections with your peers. Extended Edition Odyssey is only available during Session 3 Long. 


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