Outdoor Odyssey is cancelled for summer 2020. Though the Davidson Outdoors team spent time brainstorming, testing, and contingency planning to try to make a program where cell phones aren't even allowed into a virtual format, it seemed best to instead focus on developing new ways to welcome new students to our community this fall.

We are continuing to plan and create ways in which we can engage first year students in the coming semesters, both virtually and in person. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at odyssey@davidson.edu. We are happy to chat, get you connected with a trip leader or answer questions about Davidson Outdoors.

Meet Davidson Outdoors Trip Leaders

Though Outdoor Odyssey has been cancelled, Davidson Outdoor trip leaders are eager to meet you and welcome you into Davidson Outdoors. Hear from some of our trip leaders who hope you'll connect with Davidson Outdoors. 


Contact us to chat, get connected with a trip leader or ask questions about Davidson Outdoors.