We've compiled some of the most common questions and answers we receive regarding New Student Orientation to help you.

Student Questions

1. I've heard that there is a common reading book for all new students. Which book do I need to read?

The Dean of Students Office, Student Activities Office, and Academic Affairs have a book selection committee that collects nominations and selects a common reading book for new students. The book chosen will be mailed to new students in early June and we ask them to read it before arriving to campus in August. On the Wednesday of New Student Orientation we will have a program related to the common reading.

2. Where can I get a copy of the Health Form that I need to complete and return?

The Center for Student Health and Well-Being requires that each student complete the Health Form each year. Forms are due to the Center for Student Health and Well-Being by June 30. Please call 704-894-2300 if you have any questions about the form itself. Note: When you call the Center for Student Health and Well-Being during the summer, you will hear a message that they are closed until the start of the academic year. However, you may still leave a message. Messages are checked several times per week and your messages will be answered promptly even though they are closed for medical services.

3. If I want to ship items in advance to the college, how do I do that? Where do I pick them up when I arrive?

During Orientation, we have special package pick-up times available for students who have mailed items to collect when they arrive. You may pick-up your items at the warehouse located on Ridge Road and runs behind campus. On the campus map, the warehouse is #80. 

To send packages in advance to your arrival, address packages to "[Your Name], 209 Ridge Road, Davidson, NC 28035. Please make sure to clearly include your name on the package. You do not need to have a college box number on the package for orientation pick-up.

4. What is an optional early move-in?

About 2/3 of new students choose to take advantage of optional early move-in. Optional move-in allows students to come to Davidson one evening early in order to move their belongings into their residence halls the night before formal Orientation begins. Students are able to unload all of their belongings into their rooms. However, students are not able to stay overnight in their residence hall rooms that evening. Optional move-in allows students to get into their room earlier to start getting settled and provides some relief from feeling rushed to move in and get registered on Sunday morning. 

5. Where do we check in? 

Saturday Arrivals
If you are arriving on Wednesday evening for optional early move-in there is no check-in before you unload at your residence hall. Hall counselors will unlock your room when you arrive and lock your room when you depart. Campus police officers will direct you to your residence hall. You may not stay in your room Saturday night. On Sunday, you will need to go to check-in at the Baker Sports Complex to get the rest of your information for Orientation. Please park in Baker Parking Lot on Sunday.

Sunday Arrivals
Before you move into your room, you will go to the Baker Sports Complex for check-in. This process can take up to 45 minutes, and must be completed before you move in. You may park in Baker Parking Lot, check-in at Baker, and then drive to your residence hall. Campus police officers will help you get to your residence hall and there is signage throughout campus. You will receive your room key and other information during check-in.

6. When do I meet with my adviser?

On Monday of Orientation, students will meet with their adviser and his or her other new student advisees as a group at 10 a.m. During student registration, your registration packet will contain information on who your adviser is and where your group is meeting. During that initial meeting, you will discuss the general class registration process and will set-up an individual meeting with your adviser that will take place sometime between 11 a.m.-4:30 p.m. that same day in your adviser's office.

7. When do upperclassmen students arrive?

Most upperclassmen students move in to their residence halls beginning the Tuesday prior to the start of classes.

8. What is the appropriate attire for Orientation events?

There is no set dress code for the Orientation events. However, very casual clothing is worn for most events (shorts, tennis shoes, comfortable shirt). In August, it can be quite warm in Davidson, especially for move-in. There are some events, however, where people may like to dress in business casual. Those include the President's Convocation and the Honor Code and Code of Responsibility Commitment Ceremony. However, we ask that you wear whatever feels appropriate to you and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Parent and Family Questions

1. Can I meet with my student's adviser?

Time is allotted for you to meet with your student's adviser at 9 a.m. on Monday of Orientation. Faculty advisers' names and locations for these meetings will be distributed at parent check-in on Sunday. If you attend this meeting, please note that it is a group meeting. The family members of the adviser's other advisees will be in attendance.

2. Are the parent and family workshops on Sunday afternoon optional?

Yes. None of the Orientation session options for parents and family members are mandatory. While many of the sessions may prove useful to you, it is up to you which sessions you attend. However, many of the student sessions are mandatory. Please look for required student events on the Orientation schedule, which are marked with an asterisk (*).

3. When do families leave? What if we want to stay past Monday lunch?

The parent portion of the Orientation program concludes at the end of the Farewell Picnic Lunch on Monday of Orientation. We understand that it is hard to part from your student(s) so quickly, but they will be busy connecting with the Davidson community.