Dining Services has instituted a number of changes to help us all remain as safe as possible.

There will be no self-service in any dining location. There will be a variety of carryout options at Vail, Davis Café, and the Wildcat Den. Davidson College Dining Services will be providing food to each Patterson Court that has traditionally provided a meal option to its members. There will be a new convenience store and pizza-to-go program.

Cash will not be accepted at any dining location.

Vail Commons

In order to enter Vail Commons to eat, guests will be required to show the green dot on the Symptom Tracker indicating they are not experiencing any possible COVID-19 symptoms. 

To ensure one-way foot traffic, all guests need to use the upper entrance (nearest RLO offices) and then exit through the upper doors (nearest Richardson Residence Hall). Except when seated and eating, all guests and staff will be required to wear face coverings and maintain at least six feet of distance between themselves and anyone else. Floor decals will help everyone adhere to this requirement. We have also included direction arrows on the floor to establish one-way traffic throughout the dining room. Additional seating has been added outdoors on both the upper and lower levels.

Two Dining Options

  • Fresh-to-Go: Take-out options include the green to-go boxes and/or picking up a pre-made salad and prepackaged dessert, plus beverage of your choice.
  • Dine-In: your selected food will be plated for you, plus beverage of your choice.

The menu available for Fresh-to-Go is identical to that being served to Dine-In guests.

Dine-in is reserved for students. Faculty and staff are welcome to the Fresh-to-Go option.

Remember to Return you Reusable Green Box

Exclusively at Vail Commons, the Green Box reusable containers are a sustainable, convenient way to take your meal to go. It is extremely important that these containers be returned immediately after use to the appropriate "Green Box" receptacle located in Vail Commons (2 locations- 1 upstairs Vail Commons and 1 downstairs outside Vail Commons), the Union (1 receptacle near the Post Office) or in each residence hall. 

Davis Café

The Café is now a fully take-out location only; there will be no browsing allowed. Café seating has been moved downstairs to the Brown Atrium where it can be properly spaced to meet state requirements.

Guests will be required to place orders and pay using the new mobile ordering platform, DishOut/ToGo. The system is able to take meal plan equivalency payment ($9.50) and split payments when you go over that amount to utilize Dining Dollars, Declining Balance funds, or personal credit card/debit card.

Each order placed will generate an email with an order number to use for pick-up at the front of the Davis Café. Guests can select a time in the day to have their order ready. At peak times, the platform will provide the earliest available pick-up time.

Wildcat Den

The Wildcat Den will continue to provide take-out lunch service at the Baker Sports Complex, Monday through Friday. Guests will be required to place orders and pay using the new mobile ordering platform, DishOut/ToGo. Seating has been spread out in areas adjacent to the Wildcat Den counter to meet state requirements. 

Patterson Court Meals

Patterson Court organizations that have historically cooked meals for their members will now have that service provided by Davidson College Dining Services. Members will continue to come to their respective houses to dine. Dining Services will deliver lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday each week to each house. Officers of each house will communicate how many diners the college should prepare for on a weekly basis.

Dining Services will provide gloves and hand-sanitizing solution so that members can safely serve themselves and will also have sneeze guards in place over open food. Each house can determine if it wishes to utilize all disposable (and compostable when possible) cutlery, plates, cups and clamshells in order to reduce handling of reusable plates and cutlery by students.

Dining Services will accommodate documented allergy-related dietary needs. The college will provide floor cleaning service each night.

Commons Market

Dining Services is opening a new convenience store and pizza-to-go program this fall: Commons Market. 

Located in the DuPont Room on the upper level of Vail Commons, hours of operation (subject to change) are:

  • Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
  • Saturday–Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Students will be able to purchase snacks, health and beauty aids, frozen desserts, ready to heat-and-eat meals, pre-made sandwiches, and, each evening, Domino’s pizza. Virtually all products will be meal plan eligible.

Dining Services Cleaning Standards

Associates will wear gloves and masks at all times and practice proper hand-washing procedures. They will also be using the same symptom tracker as the students. Plexiglas will be in place to shield servers from guests. Floor decals will help guests safely queue up to pick up their orders. Dining locations have set schedules when they will close in order to sanitize all surfaces.