Business Services Forms

Download Business Services forms including, the Journal Entry Form, Capital Projects Authorization Form, Accounts Payable forms and general accounting forms like the Cash Receipt Form.

Grant-Funded Supplemental Pay

This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Grants & Contracts no later than May 15 for each person whose grant-funded supplemental pay is to be funded by a grant.

Sabbatical Salary Supplement Approval

If a faculty member on a full-year sabbatical with half-salary paid by the College receives an external grant or grants to supplement the salary provided by the College, but the combined amount falls short of 100% of the faculty member’s regular, full salary for that particular year, they can request that the College provide up to 50% of the salary shortfall, not to exceed $15,000 plus related benefits.

Research Grant Rebudgeting Request 

In certain instances, when a Principal Investigator requests the rebudgeting of grant funds (transferring funds between account lines), this form must be completed and approved. Criteria for instances when this form is necessary are found on the form.

VPAA Forms & Documents

See VPAA forms and documents (authorization required) used by the Academic Affairs Office.