For detailed information on employee classifications see Employment Practices and Policies in Employee Guide.


  • Faculty salaries are based on a nine-month appointment paid over 12 months; calculations should reflect the nine-month amount.
  • Salary for summer research should be calculated as 1/9 x contract salary x number of months. Note: NSF restricts summer salary to 2/9 of academic year salary.
  • For projects occurring in the current fiscal year, use the current salary figure for each individual.
  • For multi-year projects, calculate a three- to five-percent projected increase for each additional year.
  • Salaries used as part of an institutional match should include fringe benefits and indirect costs.
  • Fringe benefits are treated as direct costs and include FICA at 7.65 percent and retirement at 9.5 percent.

Postdoctoral Positions

  • Postdocs funded through external grant awards are termed Postdoctoral Research Associates and are staff appointments.
  • In the planning stage, faculty wanting to support a postdoc through grant funds must seek Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) approval.
  • Upon the VPAA approval of the postdoc position, the responsibilities of the proposed postdoc, the responsibilities of the faculty mentor, the proposed level of compensation, and the relationship with the college should be clearly defined and communicated to the VPAA, the associate dean of faculty, and the director of human resources.

See specific details in the Postdoctoral Positions Policy (PDF).

Support Staff (hourly)

  • Wages for support staff are calculated using an hourly rate.
  • If an employee of Davidson College is hired to work on a grant and the combination of regular work hours plus grant work hours exceed 40 hours during any work week, that employee must be paid time and a half for all hours worked beyond the standard 40 hour work week.
  • FICA of 7.65 percent should be applied to support-staff wages.
  • For multi-year projects, calculate a two- to four-percent projected increase for each additional fiscal year.
  • Please contact Human Resources for support-staff level assignments and wage scales.

Research Assistants/Technicians (salaried)

  • Research assistants and technicians may be employed as full- or part-time temporary or time-limited employees and must enter a formal employment agreement with Davidson College.
  • Fringe benefits of 25 percent of salaries should be applied to full-time research assistant and technician positions of three years or less.
  • If it is expected that the employee will work more than 12 months, the position must be classified as time-limited.
  • For multi-year projects, calculate a two- to four-percent projected increase for each additional fiscal year.
  • The creation of new positions requires the review and approval of the Human Resources office for the appropriate level assignment and pay scale.

All positions for time-limited positions must be formally advertised through Human Resources for a minimum of two weeks.

Student Workers

  • Student workers should be enrolled during the semester during which they are employed; otherwise, they should be treated as temporary employees.
  • Principal investigators should refer to the student pay scale in Human Resources to select level of responsibility and job knowledge.
  • FICA of 7.65 percent should be applied to student wages for summer work only.


  • Consultants provide advice or assistance for a fixed amount, including expenses, which can be charged as a direct cost to the grant.
  • Fees will normally depend on the professional level of the consultant; however, principal investigators and project directors should check restrictions established by each funding agency, especially federal agencies, regarding outside consultant fees. 
  • Federal rates change periodically and individuals should consult the Grants and Contracts Office for the current federal rate.
  • Proposals should include the name of the consultant, the proposed number of days of work, a curriculum vita, a justification of the selection and use of each consultant and a letter from each consultant indicating their willingness to work on the proposed project.
  • An accounts payable voucher must be submitted to pay consultants.

Formulas for salary and wage increases are a means for estimating budgetary requirements and imply neither commitment nor constraint on the institutional rate of increase to an individual.