Davidson encourages students, faculty, and staff to be aware and respectful of the diverse religious observances of college community members.

Faculty are encouraged to excuse a student from class attendance on a holy day and to make accommodation for assignment due dates. Offices, departments, and student organizations are encouraged to refrain from scheduling college-wide or other major events on holy days, especially those dates on which people of a given tradition usually do not work or attend school. Students seeking accommodations for class attendance, academic assignments, or athletic practice/events to observe a holy day should contact professors or coaches well in advance with such requests. Supervisors may allow an employee to take a vacation or personal leave day on a holy day.

The Religious Observance Calendar is not a comprehensive list of holy days, but it includes dates of particular significance to traditions represented on campus. A description of each holy day may be found below the calendar. Suggestions for additions to this list may be directed to Chaplain Rob Spach.

Religious Observance Calendar