In January 2019, the college consolidated pay dates for all employees. All employees are now paid on a bi-weekly schedule, and there is no longer be a separate monthly payroll.

Also starting in January 2019, the withholding for benefit premiums changed from the current month-in-advance payment system to a "pay-as-you-go" arrangement.

These changes help us streamline our payroll and benefits processes, and most employees enjoy be paid more frequently. 

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How This Change Affects You

  • Non-exempt (or "hourly") employees continue on the same payroll schedule.
  • Student employees continue on the same payroll schedules.
  • Exempt (or "salaried") staff and faculty employees, previously paid on a monthly pay schedule, received their last monthly pay at the end of December 2018. They received their first bi-weekly pay on January 18, 2019, for the period that ends January 12. The next pay date and those pay dates following are now for 2-week pay periods. 
  • Exempt staff employees will continue to report their leave on a monthly basis via Banner Self-Service.