The Innovation team works directly with those who submit ideas, and with those who might be able to advise, implement or be affected by the ideas. We seek to engage, connect and guide people and ideas from across the Davidson community. 

Innovation Matters

Davidson is preparing for a future we cannot predict. The entire sector of Higher Education is experiencing significant external change pressures - from rising costs to increased competition and changing learner demographics. Colleges that can respond and adapt to these pressures will maintain their positions of strength.

In times of uncertainty, the best way forward is through experimentation. And the best ideas can come from anywhere. Davidson welcomes all ideas that help us make the Big Shifts identified in the college's strategic vision.

The Big Shifts Davidson's Strategic Vision

  • Adaptable student-centered experiences and processes
  • Global reputation, reach and impact
  • Adaptable, diverse, cross-functional and inclusive organization
  • Leverage connections and partnerships with schools and companies
  • Socio-economic diversity is fiscally assured

How It Works

We support the development and intake of ideas in two stages - IdeaTrek and the Incubator.

All ideas start in IdeaTrek, where our team will quickly assess their potential, determine where they go next, and give the college the supporting evidence to drive them forward. 

When an idea carries risk, it proceeds through the Incubator. The definition of risk is met when any one of these apply:

  • new financial investments
  • a long-term commitment
  • a significant deviation from current policy/process

In the Incubator, hypotheses are tested as an idea moves through stages and gates, allowing us to quickly stop ideas that are not feasible, but also unlock additional resources only as learning is validated. 

Innovation is designed to provide a mission-aligned, transparent, collaborative, accountable and cost-efficient process. We work with an innovation council to make sure we are investing resources wisely, avoiding duplication, taking advantage of new opportunities, and inviting diverse perspectives and subject matter expertise to guide innovations. 

If you want to discuss or develop an idea, contact us at

Have an Idea?

There are just a few steps to move an idea from concept to action.

  • Pitch your idea
  • Get feedback
  • Move forward

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