Program Update

Due to COVID-19 Meet My World Grant applications are currently suspended until further notice. 

Meet My World is a travel grant opportunity administered through International Student Programs, made possible through a gift from a generous donor.

The purpose of the grant is to give international students the opportunity to share their home country and culture with a friend from the United States. The international student will have the chance to play the role of cultural host that is currently played by their U.S. friend at Davidson. The U.S. friend will be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to be hosted and introduced to a foreign culture by a true expert-their international friend.


  • Current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply.
  • Pairs of international students are eligible to apply, but U.S./international pairs will be prioritized.
  • Each project will be a minimum of two weeks in length. Maximum length is open, to be determined by the host family and budget.
  • The U.S. friend must stay in the home of the international friend. Travel to other destinations within the country is allowed, but nights away from the host's home may not exceed 50 percent of the total trip length.
  • Final itineraries should be as detailed as possible, including dates of travel and cost for activities. If your proposal is funded, any changes to your itinerary will need to be approved.
  • This grant is not open to romantic partners.


Covered Expenses

  • Round trip plane tickets for both participants.
  • Daily costs of accommodation for a minimum two week stay (food, utilities, transportation).
  • Any costs associated with cultural activities.
  • Visa and immunization costs.

Non-Covered Expenses

  • Durable goods that can be used beyond the time period of the project (such as a luggage, camera, laptop, voltage converter, etc.)

Application Process

Travel is generally reserved for summer for both fall and spring applicants.

Fall 2021 Application

Due to COVID-19 Meet My World Grant applications are currently suspended until further notice.