Being a homestay host is a helpful way you can assist current students as they travel to different cities for shadowing opportunities, interviews, or other career-related trips.

Alumni and parents choose to host students in the ways that work best for their lifestyles.

How it Works 

  • Students who express an interest in staying with a host will contact with their request.
  • Students will be sent a list of alumni and parents who have volunteered to be hosts in that city.
  • Students will contact the host directly to make arrangements.

How to Participate

  • If you are interested in serving as a homestay host, please complete the registration form.
  • Questions and requests to be removed from the list may be emailed to

Tips for Homestay Hosts

A good homestay experience starts with clear communication. The most important aspects of being a good homestay host are providing a clean bed and linens and being clear about your expectations. Some, but not all, homestay hosts provide food and meals for their student. You may want to clarify with the student if s/he has any allergies. If you expect the student to pitch in money for food or to assist with the making of meals, be clear about that.

If the student's bed is in a common area, talk ahead of time about how the family uses that space and what measure of privacy can be afforded for the student. You and the student should compare schedules so that you know what hours you each will be coming and going and what, if any, plans are for meals. Many times, students are accustomed to cultural norms different from those in the U.S. or those of their homestay host. Again, clear communication about expectations in your home is key.

Also, remember that hosting a student is a way for you to stay connected with Davidson. Talk with your student to learn what's new on campus. Share your experience and compare notes if you are an alumnus/a. As a homestay host, you have an excellent opportunity to share your life experience with a student who is just beginning his or hers.

Homestay Disclaimer

Please note that this effort simply provides information to current Davidson students about Davidson alumni and parents who have expressed interest in serving as a homestay host. Davidson makes no representations or guarantees regarding the student participants or the host families, including but not limited to the quality of the relationship between the Davidson student and host family.

Davidson does not perform background checks on either the student participants or the host families and is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses that occur as a result of a home stay. Students and host families should always exercise caution before making final arrangements. Please make sure to set up a phone call to discuss household rules, living preferences, time-lines, etc. to determine the suitability of the arrangement.