The Public Safety Department and Campus Police initiated the Building Captain program in 2012 to train faculty and staff members from each academic and administrative building in basic emergency response procedures.

Building Captains are responsible for providing safety instruction and assistance to faculty, staff, students and visitors during campus emergencies.

During campus emergencies, Building Captains are trained to understand, assess and initiate safety responses, including "shelter in place," evacuation, and "safe haven," procedures. They instruct building residents on the proper procedures to follow in their assigned areas. 


  • Assess situations
  • Report information
  • Follow guidelines and procedures
  • Assist with building evacuations
  • Assist with shelter-in-place procedures
  • Assist with providing a safe haven
  • Be aware of occupants with disabilities
  • Communicate with emergency responders
  • Communicate with building occupants
  • Communicate with the college community

Primary Tasks

  • You must become familiar with your building in the following ways:
  • Know where all the exits are
  • Locate the fire alarm enunciator panel
  • Know where all stairwells are located
  • Learn all evacuation routes and designated evacuation areas
  • Retain contact information for your fellow building captains

Specific Responsibilities During An Emergency

  • Put on Building Captain gear
  • Share information and instructions
  • If the situational response is to shelter in place, inform and reassure occupants
  • If evacuation is recommended, ensure all occupants evacuate and assist them as needed
  • Assess and report problems in your area
  • Notify responding personnel of non-ambulatory individuals
  • Report pertinent information to emergency responders on the scene
  • Monitor check-in activities at evacuation sites
  • Keep evacuated persons out of the building until the "all clear"

Required Knowledge, Skills And Abilities

  • Attend initial Building Captain training
  • Attend subsequent meetings
  • Participate in tabletop exercises offered during monthly meetings

Emergency Response Guidelines

If you are interested in participating in the Building Captain program, please email Chief Julian Coaxum at, call 704-894-2178 or visit the Campus Safety office in Tomlinson Residence Hall, ground floor.