This guide will provide information about isolation, will outline resources you may need while in isolation, and will describe mitigation strategies to decrease your risk of infecting others.

I’ve tested positive for COVID. Now what?

​If you test positive for COVID, contact Student Health and Well-Being at 704-894-2300. 

If you live within driving distance and can travel home to isolate, please do. If you can’t go home, you will isolate in place in your residence hall room.

If you are isolating in place:

  • You may not leave your room except for essential needs such as using the bathroom facilities.
  • You must wear a well-fitting mask, such as a KN95 any time you are around any roommate, unless you are eating in a room that you share.

When can I stop isolating?

You must remain in isolation for a minimum of 5 days from your positive test date or symptom onset (date of test or symptom onset is Day 0). Student Health and Well-Being (SHWB) will inform you of your earliest release date when you go into isolation. To be released from isolation, you must:

  • Be fever-free and with improving symptoms for at least 24 hours.
  • Complete the Isolation Clearance Form which will be sent to you via the student health portal under “Pending forms.”
  • Wear a well-fitting mask, such as a KN95, around others and in public spaces for 5 days following isolation.

I’m worried about my classes while I isolate. What should I do?

You are responsible for notifying your professors that you will be absent from in-person classes during the time that you are in isolation. Professors will work with students on a case-by-case basis to address concerns.

How do I get food?

Campus Meal Plan

If you have a meal plan, you will be given a “meal pick-up form” by SHWB staff that you will complete and give to a friend so that they can pick up meals for you from Vail Commons.

Food Delivery

If you arrange to have food delivered, please limit your contact as much as possible. Wear a mask and only exit your room to pick up your meal where it is dropped off and return directly to your room. 

What if I need medication or other essentials?

Medications and other necessities will need to be picked up by a friend or your roommate and delivered to your door.

Who will contact me while I’m in isolation?

A SHWB staff member will check in daily by phone call or secure message through your Student Health Portal. Please be sure to check your email regularly.

What if I have concerns about my physical health?

Call Student Health at 704-894-2300 to reach someone in the clinic during business hours or a nurse on call after hours. 

For emergencies, call 911. This includes severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, high fever, chest pain, dizziness or confusion.

What if I’m concerned about my emotional well-being?

Isolation can be a challenge and we are here to support you. Our counseling staff will reach out to all students at least once during the isolation period to check in. If you would like additional support, please call Student Health at 704-894-2300 to speak with one of our counselors on call.

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My roommate tested positive for COVID. Now what?

Students who test positive for COVID will be directed to isolate themselves in their rooms.

Have I been exposed?

If your roommate tests positive, you have likely already been exposed and will be identified as a close contact. 

Will someone contact me?

If you are identified as a close contact, someone from Student Health and Well-Being will contact you via secure message Monday through Friday. If you have additional questions, please call Student Health and Well-Being at 704-894-2300.

What mitigates my risk for infection?

  • Being fully vaccinated and boosted greatly reduces your chances of becoming infected.
  • Wear a well-fitting mask, such as a KN95, except when eating, showering or brushing your teeth. 
  • Use hand sanitizer often and wipe down high-touch surfaces in your room often. If you do not have cleaning supplies, and your roommate has been identified as positive, you can pick up a starter kit in Lula Bell’s. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable staying in the room with your roommate, please explore options to stay elsewhere with friends while your roommate isolates.

What if I develop any concerning symptoms?

Contact Student Health and Well-Being at 704-894-2300. If after hours, press #1. 

If my roommate is in isolation, do I need to isolate or quarantine?

No, you do not need to quarantine, and you will only need to isolate if you test positive. 

  • We recommend you self-test if you learn you are identified as a close contact.
  • Self-test 5 days after exposure or sooner if you develop symptoms. Self-tests are available at no cost through your insurance or at Student Health, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • You may attend class and engage in other campus activities as planned.

What should I do if I have a health issue that escalates my concern about staying in my room with a COVID positive roommate?

We encourage you to reach out to friends to identify another place to stay for 5 days or make other arrangements to stay off-campus. Please closely monitor any symptoms and inform Student Health if you become symptomatic. 

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