Current Applications

A wide range of software is available on all of Davidson’s open computers, for general utility or by request of faculty members for particular courses.

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Computing Facilities at Davidson

Davidson has a variety of open computing spaces. Students and classes are free to use these spaces, many of which are accessible around the clock.

Library and Music Library

Technology & Innovation (T&I) maintains many computers on the main floor of E.H. Little Library, as well as a few upstairs and in the basement; a 32-seat computer classroom in Little Library B110; and student stations in the Music Library in Sloan. Students have access to these whenever the libraries are open.

The Library and Music Library contain 101 total computers:

  • First floor- 56 computers
  • Second floor- 5 computers
  • Basement- 34 computers including the 32-seat computer classroom
  • Music Library- 6 computers

Tomlinson, Chidsey, Irwin, Armfield, and Davis Residence Halls

These residence halls each have a few student lab computers and a PawPrinter. Available 24/7 via CatCard. These buildings have a combined number of 18 computers:

  • Tomlinson- 8 computers
  • Chidsey- 4 computers
  • Irwin- 2 computers
  • Armfield- 2 computers
  • Davis- 2 computers

Classrooms with Instructor-Only Computing

Most classrooms across campus have instructor-only computers available for use.   

Chambers Computer Classroom

The Chambers Computer Classroom (Chambers 3130) functions as a classroom during the day and a public lab for students at night and on weekends. This classroom has a total of 18 computers.

Genomics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science Classrooms

The Genomics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science Classroom (Chambers 3146) is available to students who are taking courses in those areas. This classroom has a total of 18 computers.

Laptop Loaner Kiosks

Loaner laptops are available at vending kiosks in the following locations. All kiosks have a combined number of 30 available laptops for rent:

  • E.H. Little Library, first floor- 6 computer kiosk
  • Wall Academic Center, 3rd floor- 12 computer kiosk
  • Alvarez Union, fourth floor- 12 computer kiosk

Chambers South Basement Lab

This computer lab provides students and faculty with 30 computers. Classes are scheduled in this room, but when classes are not in session, the lab is open for use.

Media Lab, Chambers South Basement Lab

This lab is equipped with video and audio editing workstations to support campus video projects.

Sloan Music Center

The Sloan Music Center has public computer stations in the basement. This building has a total of two computers.

Wall Academic Center

Classroom B05 has 32 computers.

Union Computers

The Knobloch Campus Center offers computers for students on the second, third, and fourth floors. The Union houses a total of 22 computers.

  • Second floor- 2 computers
  • Third floor- 5 computers
  • Fourth floor- 15 computers