Instructional Design in the Classroom

Technology & Innovation (T&I) provides support for our faculty beyond just physical technology. The Instructional Design Team supports faculty in the pedagogical design of technology-enhanced courses.

We are available to assist in the design of assignments, projects, or courses that involve digital tools and spaces. Our instructional designers provide support for a range of educational technologies including, but not limited to, Moodle, Echo360, and Davidson Domains.

You may have an idea for a project or assignment that uses story mapping, timelines, podcasts, video, infographics, social media, or you would like to develop an online course space. We also manage various facilities like the podcast studio, Studio M (Davidson's makerspace), and Media Lab, Studio D, and the VR Lab--all of which are spaces that can be incorporated into your courses. We look forward to discussing how to explore hybrid modalities in ways that meaningfully add to students’ learning experiences.

Workshops for Faculty

Technology & Innovation (T&I) Instructional Designers are available to hold customized, one-on-one sessions with faculty wanting to learn new technologies and develop digital resources for teaching and research. 

In-Class Instruction

T&I Instructional Designers can work with faculty to design supplemental instruction and assessment for academic projects involving websites, blogs, surveys, multimedia, presentation. 

Supplemental Online Instruction

Davidson College has partnered with LinkedIn to provide access to their entire library for students, faculty and staff. The library consists of a comprehensive collection of online instruction for major software applications and topics in digital media. The detailed video-based tutorials are broken down into easy-to-manage five to 15 minute segments, allowing users to come back multiple times and pick up at the point at which they left off. Please go to LinkedIn Learning and browse the library of courses by subject, software, vendor or author. You will be prompted to create a personal profile/account. Please use your email address.

Media Consultants

Media Consultants are available to help students with a variety of digital media projects using technology platforms such as Davidson Domains, the Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie, podcasting, and more. You can find Media Consultants in Studio D (located in E.H. Little Library) Sunday through Thursday, 8-11 p.m.