Request a Computer or Printer

Technology & Innovation (T&I) is responsible for purchasing computer equipment for the campus community. Our goal is to purchase equipment that meets our hardware, software, and network standards. We use Macintoshes, purchased from Apple, and Windows systems, purchased from Dell.

To minimize the variety of equipment connected to the campus network and the overhead required to maintain that equipment, standard configurations have been designed by T&I. Some variation is allowable without compromising support; please ask us about any special options you need.

Contact the Support Center at to initiate a consultation with T&I concerning your computer needs.

Recommended Systems

We recommend Dell and Apple computers. Below is the current list of recommended systems.

MacBook - Standard Laptops
The MacBook Pro (15" and 13") is suitable for users desiring a combination of mobility and power. It is adaptable to most major computing tasks, from day-to-day office activities to moderately heavy image, audio or video editing, programming, mathematical computation, etc.

Macintosh - Standard Desktops
The Apple iMac is suitable for users whose daily activities consist primarily of using any of Office programs, sending/receiving e-mail, calendaring, use of the Internet for Web surfing and the like. For power users, the Mac Pro is an additional option.

Windows - Laptops
The two suggested Dell laptops are good options for portable and office computing.

Windows - Standard Desktops
Dell desktop computer offer premier performance, flexibility, and connectivity.

Repairs of College-Owned Systems

College-owned computers and printers are purchased with a manufacturer's warranty. If you experience problems with computer hardware, please email the Support Center at for assistance.