Seminar in Anthropology

Fall 2019 Topic

Refugees and Forced Migrants: Predicaments of Displacement

Instructor: Neuman

Many have considered the 21st century to be defined by refugees and displacement, seeing population movement as one of its key characteristics. Wars and religious persecution, as well as climate change, natural disasters and economic vulnerability have vastly multiplied "populations on the move." This seminar will examine the predicaments of populations who have been displaced, foregrounding the varied experiences and (gendered) lives of refugees and forced migrants. It will also focus on the multiple causes of forced migration, considering distinctions between the voluntary and involuntary in migratory movement. Finally, it will consider the multiple spaces of displacement including makeshift encampments, formal refugee camps and detention facilities. Key themes to be addressed include: movement as a human right, humanitarian intervention, and the issue of "return" versus "resettlement" as the preferred solution to displacement.

Satisfies the major and minor in Anthropology

Satisfies the interdisciplinary minor requirement in Middle East Studies

Satisfies the cultural diversity requirement

Satisfies the social-scientific thought requirement


Class Details
Course ANT 388
Section 0
CRN 50020
Time W
Time 0110 - 0400pm
Instructor Tamara Neuman
Max 15
Current 11
Remaining 4
Semester Fall 2020