This course allows a student with a substantial background in biology (usually a junior or senior major) to pursue intensive readings of the original scientific literature in a specific area of study not represented in the Biology curriculum or not offered during the student's attendance at Davidson.  The course frequently culminates in a substantial paper and/or oral presentation. Enrollment in the course occurs through Handshake application to individual faculty members, after which permission of the supervising faculty member may be granted. The faculty member reviews applications, offers positions as appropriate, and then approves individual student topics, and closely supervises and evaluates the student's work.  The student develops a written plan of study (syllabus) in collaboration with the faculty member following the guidelines on the Independent Course Contract form available through the Registrar's Office.  BIO 370 may be repeated on a different topic with the chair's permission. 


Successful completion of at least one introductory biology course (BIO 111/113 or BIO 112/114), though both introductory biology courses (BIO 111/113 and BIO 112/114) and one or more courses above BIO 200 may be required by the supervising faculty member. Apply through Handshake..

Class Details
Course BIO 370
Section 0
CRN 20065
Time TBA
Instructor S Staff
Max 20
Current 0
Remaining 20
Semester Spring 2022